Janitorial Services

We help office and facility managers of small, medium, and large commercial spaces in the state of Louisiana, who struggle with poor quality office cleaning, so that they can have a consistently complaint free janitorial service. 

What distinguishes Hartman's Building Solutions from other cleaning service companies is that we create custom performance standards for each client, implement an electronic quality control program, and we provide a money back guarantee! This allows my clients to receive quality cleaning daily, hassle-free service, and they can get back to concentrating on the most important aspects of their jobs. 


Our over ten (10) years of commercial cleaning experience is at your service. Whether your facility is a multi-story office complex or a 1500 sq. foot home, we are guaranteed to have the methods that are best for your fabrics and your most valued assets (employees or family members).



Our Customers

Hartman’s Building Solutions cleans most types of commercial and retail buildings. The following is a listing of the most common buildings that we clean: 


Government Buildings  
Medical Facilities  
Dental Facilities  
Veterinarian Offices  
Schools (including pre-schools)  
Office Complexes  
Retail Stores  


Don’t see your industry on the list?  

Contact us. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your cleaning needs.