Green Cleaning

Green cleaning involves using green or environmentally preferred products and practices to clean your facility.  Our green cleaning is much more than just using “green” cleaning products.  We have developed a complete green cleaning system to help you maintain a healthy building. 


Green cleaning is not only good for the environment; it increases workplace health and safetyUsing a green cleaning program helps to improve indoor air quality, which, in turn, leads to fewer employee sick days and higher productivity. 

Green & Clean Do Go Together
The Advantages of Going Green:

        • Improved indoor air quality. A healthier indoor environment will lead to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.  
        • Using green products and practices, such as use of less hazardous cleaning chemicals, proper chemical storage, use and disposal, lessens the likelihood of accidents, fires, spills and explosions. 
        • Financial benefitsGreen cleaning focuses on keeping the dirt and soil out, and preventive maintenanceThis leads to lower cleaning and maintenance costs. 
        • Happier building occupantsEmployees like to work in buildings where the owners and managers show concern for their health and well-being. 
        • Increased building valueBy implementing green features such as energy efficient lighting and non-toxic cleaners, you can increase your building’s value. 


        At Hartman’s Building Solutions, we use products that are safer and healthier for people and the environment. We're dedicated to providing a safe, cooperative workspace for everyone. We strongly believe in our responsibility to our customers, our community and each other, to help everyone lead healthier lives. 


        Healthy Cleaning for Long-Term Care 
        You know how important cleanliness is to your patients and guests — but eliminating odors, cleaning around patients and keeping rooms in tip-top shape all the time can be challenging. 
        Hartman’s Building Solutions is here to help. 
        Our unique, simple cleaning systems are safe for staff and patients, while our proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology eliminates odors at the source. We use one EnvirOx product at two dilutions to clean 95% of your facility, simplify our cleaning program and deliver amazing results. 



        We help you solve your biggest challenges. 


        Poor Cleaning Results 

        • We know you take pride in the care you provide. Our unique hydrogen peroxide cleaning technology tackles soils at the source, providing a clean environment for your patients. 
        • Low-residue products help eliminate common issues like sticky floors, bathroom odors and reoccurring carpet stains. 
        • Incredibly versatile cleaning products get great results on grout, glass, carpet, bathroom cleaning and more — with a single product. 
        Odor Elimination 
        Don’t mask odors — eliminate them. Our proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology destroys odor at its source. 
        • Fresh orange and clean linen scents leave a pleasant, light fragrance your patients and guests will love. 
        Cleaning Around Patients 
        • Our safer, healthier cleaners make it possible to stay on top of cleaning throughout the day. No chemical fumes, no danger to your patients. 
        • Low VOC cleaners won’t trigger asthma or cause respiratory issues. 
        Infection Control 
        • Our EPA-registered products to kill Influenza with every cleaning. 
        • We can pair one of our multi-purpose products with our Critical Care disinfectant for a complete infection control system without the hazards.