Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide all supplies and equipment?  

  • Hartman’s Building Solutions provides all cleaning supplies and equipment as well as any personal protective equipment that is needed by our employees when cleaning your facility.  

Who will be responsible for the keys to our building?  

  • Hartman’s Building Solutions requires that employees sign a form indicating they are responsible for the keys to your building. If an employee quits or is terminated they must immediately return the keys to our office.  

What if something is broken?  

  • If an employee accidentally breaks something they are required to leave a note at the building and to notify their supervisor before leaving the building. The supervisor will notify office staff the next morning (Monday morning if it is a Friday). Our office staff will be in contact with you that morning to discuss replacing the item that was broken.  

Are you insured and bonded?  

  • We have all the required insurances and are bonded.  

How many employees will be cleaning my building?  

  • This will vary depending on the size of the building. Our crews usually consist of 2 to 4 employees.  

What happens if something is not cleaned to our satisfaction?  

  • Please call our office at 337-412-7716 if there are any problems. Either a supervisor or Joe Smith will visit your building to evaluate the situation.


Do you use green cleaning chemicals?  

  • We do have a full green cleaning program. Please contact us for details.